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The Fridge: Have you cleaned your fridge lately? Not the inside, but the coils (either in the back or underneath, there are coils of tubing that holds the refrigerant that cools your food). These are delicate and you should be careful so that you don crack them. Gently vacuum the surface because when they dust covered, they don work as efficiently. Zombie hordes move quickly, infecting areas with their bite, saliva and blood. If it gets in your eyes, mouth or an open wound, it’s just a matter of time. The best course of action is to stay indoors.

The sluggish Toms Boots economy this year did little to dam the usual flood of books offering workplace advice, inspirational business tales and other words aimed at the career minded reader. We’ve sifted through the stacks and compiled the following list of worthwhile offerings from the past 12 months. Which, it should be noted, make excellent last minute Christmas gifts.. There will be no howdies coming from Big Text, either. Instead, Big Text will come up with cool avant garde stuff, such as, “Hey, podnah, there’s an app for that,” “Ditch the chicken fried steak; I prefer the tabouli from Sprouts,” and “Dagnab it, I can’t find my phone. Has anybody seen my phone?”.

On the Other: Find the Right SizeKate Spade shoes tend to run one or even two sizes too small, so finding the right size shoe for you is essential for comfort. Even if you normally wear a size 7, don’t be afraid to go up to an 8 Toms Shoes if the fit is more comfortable. Especially if you’re planning on wearing your shoes for a special event such as a wedding, walk around in your shoes and break them in beforehand.. If you don’t know twitter lingo, tweeps stands for people tweeting on twitter. There are so many tweeps spreading the word on twitter, there is no way I can include them all. In fact, the hashtag used in support of the cause, became a trending topic.

The ‘tricky bit’ is that you need to work quickly so the color doesn’t dry on the stamp, but that’s easy to do if it’s a small stamp. You can, of course, use multiple colors on a stamp, not just one. Pressing the stamp down a second time will give you a lighter image as there’ll be little color on it. The clothes are fantastic. I saw a really Baby Toms cool trench/dress in my friend’s closet the other day, who tends to only shop designer, and my eye went right to this piece. When I saw the label, The Row, I thought, “You go girls.” Between that and this video, I have officially declared The Row not a celebrity designer brand.






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